Jr. Jazz Band Assignments

Jazz Scales and Improv Combined! (Due June 10th)

This week we are going to take our scale practice and improv knowledge and mix them together to see what comes out! Watch the video below to help with some ideas on how to get started. Really try to experiment with rhythms and note orders but ONLY use notes in the scale. You can practice this on either of the 2 scales that we worked on last week.


  1. Pick one of the scales from last week and tell me which one it is.
  2. Practice and record the scale as as written.
  3. Experiment with changing the rhythm and the order of notes. Only use the notes in the scale.
  4. Send me a clip that is at least 30 seconds long which includes your normal scale and some improv. Longer is also fine.

Video: Jazz Scales and Improv Combined!

Jazz Scales (Due May 31st)

For this week we are going to start learning some Jazz scales. We are going to use these to start out deep dive into improv. The work we did 2 weeks ago got us playing with some improv ideas and we will do more of that soon.

Find your instrument, download the PDF and learn the first 2 scales, concert G and concert C. Send me a recording of the 2 scales, any tempo is fine, but no slower than quarter note = 72.

Example Video

Alto and Bari Saxophone
Tenor Saxophone
French Horn

Catch up Week (May 20-24)

We are going to use this as a catch up week for some of our missing work. I have received very few items for last week. This is also a really short week so I figured it made sense to have a little bit of a break!

Assignment (Due May 18th)

This week we are going to start exploring Improv (improvisation) in Jazz music. But don’t worry, we aren’t going to do any playing this week. For now all you need to do is watch these two videos, and then try applying these ideas to one of the first songs that we learned.

What is Improvisation?

Exploring Jazz Improvisation

1. Watch the two videos above.
2. Try adding these embellishments to some of our songs. Start with the first songs that we learned which have less notes and will be easier to “noodle” with.
3. If you feel comfortable, send me a recording of what you have tried!
4. If you aren’t ready to share yet, just send me a quick paragraph or video telling me what you tried, no playing required.

Assignment (Due May 10th)

Part A: Video/Audio Recording
– pick a section of music from one of our songs that is at least 16 measures long
– record that section and send it to me through Google Classroom
– you can record it while listening to the song recordings
– you do not have to do it at full speed
– if you have time and want more feedback, you can submit as many tracks and songs as you like

Why are we doing this? – I want you to start identifying what sections of the music are hard for you, record those sections, and then I will provide feedback on ways to practice and learn those sections

Part B: Optional. Watch this video.
Think about these questions as you watch:
– what style of music is this? (Jazz/Rock/Funk/Blues/Samba/Other?)
– why don’t they have music?

Assignment (Due May 3rd)

Part A: Listening assignment
– pick one of the new songs from the Jr Jazz band page
– listen to the version in the link provided
– now find the original version of the song (hint try searching for the song title with the artists name)
– how are the original and the cover different, the same?
– submit a half page explanation in Google docs, point form is fine. If you would prefer to make a video discussing you findings that is also fine
– make sure to include a link to the recordings that you used

Part B: Practicing
– your goal is to spend an hour this week practicing the songs that you already have
– practice/play with the recordings
– use headphones in 1 ear so you can listen to the recording while listening to your own playing
– if you need help with this email me or come to office hours this week

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