The Big Mambo Final Project

June 1 – 17

Virtual Band time! Individually, you will be recording your part for The Big Mambo! We will provide a background track with which you’ll need to play along when you record your part. This way, we can line up the recording to put all the individual ones together as a group. If you don’t want to record video, that’s fine, we’ll just use a photo or something instead but we do need your recorded audio.

Be sure to get your part performance ready – you’ll need to do multiple “takes” in order to get one you’re proud of. If you’re not sure which one is better, send us a couple to choose from. We will be sharing the final product with parents and students.

Here is an instructional video on how to record your part.

You will also need the backtracks which are in Google Classroom under the Assignments tab for Big Mambo.

Listen & play with this click track when you’re recording your part.

There are also scans of the music in case you need it.

Steps: (TLDR?) But seriously read the whole thing!

1. Read the details below for an idea of the plan.

2. Practice your part with or without the recordings until you can play it through without stoping at Quarter Note =132

3. Record yourself playing the song in one go while listening to the recording on headphones as described in the video. Use the click track!! You will probably have to try this a few times before you have a working video, but that is part of the learning process.

4. Upload video/audio to Google Classroom.

5. ASK QUESTIONS or FOR HELP if you need it. We have access to school now so we can help you in person!

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